Lagos Is An Evil City - Manager Of Artiste Who Died In Studio, Accuses Police For Refusing To Release The Corpse To Family

Adams Yemmy, the manager of one of the artistes who died in a studio in the Alagbado area of Lagos, on Saturday, September 12, made some startling claims on the incident.

Two musicians identified as Ajibawo Lawal and Sunday Akhigbe, popularly known as Santa Boya, were found dead inside a studio in Awolusi Bus stop on September 3. Six others were found unconscious.

They were found dead by residents around 7 a.m, after an all night performance inside the studio. The residents told a police source that a generator and some hard drugs were found inside the studio.

This has led to speculations that they might have died as a result of the hard drugs or fumes from the generator.

However, Yemmy, the CEO of Darootz Entertainment took to Facebook on Saturday, September 12, to debunk the alcocol and drug speculations. He also accused the Alagbado police of refusing to release the body of Santa Bya to his family for burial.

Writing further, Yemmy claimed that the owner of the studio, said to be son of the Bale of the area, knows more about the death of the musicians than he told the police.

Sharing screenshots of Facebook posts insinuating that his artiste died from drug overdose, Yemmy describe Santa Boya as "a promising artist" that would have outshined Chris Brown  if he had lived.

"Mr poster kindly seek for almighty forgiveness.. Santa Boya known as Sunday Akhigbe my artist does not drink.. he was contracted to come and produce for those artist. they where five in number in the studio not four as reported,"

''I was informed the owner of the studio is a bale son of the area.. His definitely the only person who knows more than what we all knows about his last time they spent in his studio ... police are not poor man's friends.... Deep down we all know that... . I am not surprise that you listen to people comment without making verification from close relatives. Santa Boya might have been poisoned... with the pictures we have seen.... lots of expert feedback shows clearly they where poisoned or drunk, and Santa does not drink... Do you think like me now?"

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