I Don't Get Nervous Before Performance Because Am Always Ready For That - Says Hollabars

In an interview recently conducted by CityVibez Media crew and fast raising song writer and singer, Hollabars, during conversation the artist made it known to the crew that he never gets nervous before performing or competition cause am always ready for that. 

Talented singer Akinwale Damilola Samuel, populaly known as Hollabars by his fans  is a native of Osun state, and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, the artist is a graduate of Bowen University were is Studied Music. He grew a bone for music. According to the artist, he started music since he was in high school that was jss 3.

The artist further spoke about his career and his biggest musical influence.

According to the artist, he was in a choir and he listens to lots foreign musics, he was inspired by wiz Khalid’s. 

 He also told the crew that he do rap then but as a Nigerian he tried to create his own style when its comes to composition and style of delivery after 4 years later people stop listening to foreign we finally concentrated on our own music so from there he worked on himself sleeping in the studio trying to learn more.

My own pattern of music his Dancehall club vibe and Afro

In Nigeria I admire WIZKID but I love Davido also Wandecole

They use to say when the world goes round you go with it 

Since shaku shaku Style came, out I tried to calm down and observe so I told my producer to make a beat for and I told him the style of beat that I want, the day I finished recording the song Titled Ji masun 

I told myself the ganna be my hit and to the glory of God I got signed to a label from I’ve been going to shows radio interviews AirPlays so the following week I featured Oyinkonade titled Amin so I dropped the 2 songs same day.

But ji masun has been trending on social media 

Now am working on a song Afro and going to feature a celebrity but don’t know yet  would ask my fans.

I don’t get nervous before performing or competition cause am always ready for that 

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