Problem No Dey Finish!! Man Gone Viral For Kissing While Putting On A Masquerade Costume (Photos)

Mixed Reaction As Masquerade Was Captured Kissing A Girl This picture has caused lots of reactions on social media.

People are reacting because what they saw in the picture is unusual, for a masquerade to remove his mask because of love

The viral pictures made the members of the public confused and they were like is this a Masquerade or a lover boy, but to answer that question it is a Masquerade but when you are in love, you can behave like someone who doesn' t give a dam about what people would say. 

And this is also showing us that people are now defiling the culture there are some places ladies don' t watch masquerade and sometimes ago ladies are often scared of Masquerade but today look at this lady kissing a guy In Masquerade consume.

See photos below:- 

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