Problem No Dey Finish !!! Men Arrested While Allegedly Trying To Sacrifice A Young Girl For Money Ritual In Edo (Photos)

Luck disappeared after three suspected ritualists were apprehended in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State. They were apprehended while trying to make use of a girl for money ritual. Report claims.

The latest report was dished out to members of the public by an Aspirant contesting for the position of Chairman in Igueben Local Government area of Edo state. The Chairmanship aspirant named Mr. Eromose Eboghoye, said that the apprehended strangers were three Young men. He said they were putting on white clothes when they were allegedly caught trying to carry out the sacrifice.

After the news was shared online, many online users reacted positively about the arrest of the three unnamed people. CityVibez was told that they were locked up since Tuesday, while allowing the police to follow up investigative processes.
Netizens urged people especially ladies to know the type of guys they follow all in the name of money and wealth. Airing that most people driving cars are ritualists and that they are finding avenues to use more lives in pushing their wealth forward.

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