I MAKE MY KIND OF MUSIC - Says Jake (CityVibez Interview)

During the interview recently conducted by CityVibez Media, the fast raising singer, Jake, made it known that he makes his kind of music(hip_hop afro fusion) and has plans of dropping a single soon but no official date yet.

 In the Nigerian music industry, Jake’s case is as peculiar as he is confident. His ability to adequately express himself portrays an underlying intelligence. 

Talented Port Harcourt city based singer and rap artist Abiye Victor Membere, populaly known as Jake by his fans is a native of Rivers State, and raised in Port Harcourt City, the artist is a student of Ignatius Ajuru University. According to the artist, he started music since he was 6 years old, and officially got into the music industry last year.

Which big artiste will you say is your idol. and has he always inspired your music?

Yeah I'll say Drake, he made me wanna rap for real, so I'll say he inspired me in some sort of way tho.

How would you describe your Pattern of music?

I'll say I make my kind of music, but I call it hip_hop afro fusion.

How do you balance your music with other obligations - mate, and school?

Its not really easy to handle both school and music at once, haven't even opened my book for days man, man's been on some work thing, but you know how it is tho I will always find time to read, all I'll say is am staying true to my craft even though school is tryna be a witchcraft.

What differentiates you from other talented and young artistes?

No, I won't say I got more talent than other young singers tho, but you see the aim was to sound different in the first place, So the difference between me and others would be the sound.

Is your song, ‘Give Up’, from a personal experience?

Yeah most of my songs are from personal experience.

So earlier you said something about a project you're about to drop, Is it an Ep or a single? Tell me more about it!

Yeah, It's a single I've been working on titled "Jungle" and it will be released for downloads and streaming on all platforms in no time and other amazing tracks which features amazing artists like Kiffer and Ferb the king, would be released after Jungle.

How do you plan to sustain your popularity because some artistes fade away after few hit tracks?

Lol, I'll do what I do and see where God takes us, but I promise I won't fade up so easily

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