(Lyrics) SoundVibe - Abena

Fast Rising Nigerian Afropop artiste,  SoundVibe, releases lyrics to his new single, “Abena“.

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Ke ke eeee eiii
Soundvibe me ya pon
Abena say she fine
She put me on a hold
Dunno what to say
But i try to keep it low
She be catching ma trips
She know i want her love
Ama give her good vibe
she really wanna ride
She a bad melanin girl
Coming from the lounge
Looking different
Honeybees got d buzzin
She need a good hood like robbing


Come to my hood girl
Come to my hood girl ×4

Verse 2

She up in my hood real quick
Looking like a hot damsel
Stunning like a queen
Matched up in her fine black dress
Her waist like a fresh pumpkin

She up in ma couch ye
Riding on ma d like a hood girl
Hit da G thing like da hood boy
Now she gon drip on ma knob ye
See i got soo much to try try try
I hope she don leave ye
I got so much to do do do
I hope she don freak out ×2


Come to my hood girl
Come to my hood girl ×4

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